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Darkness in life is not ever-lasting. Remember, that a winner has a solution to all the problems of life. With 30 years of experience, astrologer Rishi Ram uses varied astrological techniques like Palmistry, numerology, vashikaran and fortune telling for accurate predictions and builds a prosperous future for his clients. This famous astrologer in Brooklyn, New York specializes in mending broken relationships and solving family problems with perfection. Using Age-old tantras and celestial techniques, Rishi Ram helps in uncovering the unforeseen hurdles. Engage yourself in ritual services of powerful deities along with Rishi Ram and protect your coming generations from negative powers.

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Frequently Ask Questions?

How much time is required for breaking black magic spells?

Depending on the intensity of the black magic and the number of spells being cast on you, the time frame of breaking the spells differs. For a low power spell, 24 hours is required to cast a counter protective spell or for natural wear off. For high power, vashikaran spells on an average of 2 or 3 months are required.

Can destiny be read through palmistry?

Yes, palm reading is a scientific method where the astrologer observes the palm’s shape, color, lines, and finger lengths and can accurately predict your destiny. Your palm has the lines of travel, wealth, health, love-life and even lifeline.

Which planets are responsible for divorce

Sun, Mars, Saturn, and Rahu are the four major planets that are responsible for a poor relationship between a couple resulting in divorce. The placement of these planets may cause one or both the partners to be suspicious, authoritative and commanding in the relationship.

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